At Datawise, our mission is to help clients see and control their data flows, to help them accomplish their business goals. Whether they want to boost data quality, migrate to a new system, or automate their regulatory compliance, Datawise is their preferred partner for any data-related challenge.

Our vision is based on decades of experience in IT consulting. We have seen that companies want to use their systems to boost results, but often fail to manage their data flows to this end. The quality of their data drops, and becomes a risk instead of an asset.

We support your business process with tools and the know-how to help you extract value from your data. Our clients are satisfied with this worthwhile investment in accuracy and efficiency.

Our founder and veteran IT consultant, Alexandre Klinkenberg, built a team that specializes in managing and migrating mission-critical systems. We rely on time-tested practices to make our clients’ systems perform.

With Datawise, our expertise gets you results. We give you the peace of mind of knowing that your data flows are well-managed and accurate.

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