Data Quality

Boost the Quality of Your Data

You are responsible for the business processes in your department. You need to know what’s going on, but you have more data than you can handle. Until the data is clean and available, critical facts and figures stay unknown.

Turning this data into information takes special care and know-how that your people don’t have. So you are blind to what happens in your own house.

Or the challenge might be more basic. For example:

  • The mail is returned because the addresses in your database are inaccurate.
  • Or you can’t answer a simple customer question, such as “where exactly was this part made?”
  • Or some people are being sloppy. They are putting bad data into your system, causing your business process to degrade and fail.

Your data is an asset; facts and figures are the return. You are using that data to get results, so the quality of the results can not rise above the quality of the data. “Garbage in, garbage out,” as they say.

The road to insight starts with managing the quality of your data. You can find meaning in facts if you take these steps:

  1. Store your data
  2. Maintain its quality
  3. Interpret it quickly

Don’t let low-quality data stop you from getting ahead. Datawise helps you each step of the way toward crystal clarity. This clarity, in turn, will show in your results.

Make Your Data Visible and Track Its Quality
Data is a crucial production factor, and high-quality data will boost your daily operations. Datawise gives you the tools to make data work: your mail gets delivered, you can answer the right questions, and you are aware of your facts and figures.

You will get the peace of mind that comes with being in control.

As a first step to real insight, Datawise offers the Data Quality Monitor (DQM), the fast and easy tool that tracks the quality of your data. DQM empowers you and your people to:

  • Guard the quality standards for newly-entered data
  • Keep exceptions to these standards in plain view
  • Track the level of data quality over time
  • Organize your monitored data by topic for easy access

There are other tools out there that guard data quality. Big consulting firms charge large sums of money for outdated software that doesn’t even come near to showing you what’s really happening with your data.

Don’t take expensive chances with your data; rely on the the tools from the data veterans. Datawise has been handling data for over a decade. We can afford to focus on what works, while our big and slow competitors are relying on revenue from locked-in customers.

Click here for a case study with the Data Quality Monitor (DQM).

Gain Insight Into the Realities of Your Process
The Data Quality Monitor (DQM) gives you clarity. It empowers you to steer by the realities in your data. Say goodbye to vague estimates and guesswork. From now on you can deal in facts.

The clarity is not just there for a week or a month; using DQM leads to continuous improvement of your data. Over time, the facts keep adding up, and you get progressive insight.

As a manager, you accept responsibility for your processes. Only quality data will give you enough awareness to carry that responsibility.

Start using DQM to see for yourself how it helps your process. Simply define the first business rule to track the quality of that data. You can add more rules when needed.

We Do That Smart Thing With Your Data

Get Smart With Your Data

Maintaining data quality on autopilot is one problem solved by DQM. Using that data to get results is the next issue to look at.

Maybe you want to take the next step and analyze and interpret your data. Then you need a savvy data scientist, a seasoned consultant who can:

  1. get your data from anywhere,
  2. interpret the meaning, and
  3. show you the facts you need to solve the pain in your process.

Our data wizards have saved the day for many of our clients. We can save the day for you as well. Contact us now to talk about the data in your business, or download our case study here.